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Departure Services

Once an assignment is completed, the first step in a move home, or to a new assignment, is a smooth and easy departure. At a time when the assignee may be focused on the next destination, their CORT Consultant is busy making sure that all the critical details are properly wrapped up in the current location.

CORT Destination Services Consultants serve as the assignee's advocate in preparing for and conducting the property check-out and helping to insure the return of the security deposit as well as other matters critical to a successful departure. An experienced CORT Consultant can be invaluable: closing accounts, forwarding mail, canceling memberships, CORT will insure that nothing is overlooked so that the assignee is free to move forward on that next exciting career step.


"Our CORT representative was fantastic, a great source of info on the neighborhoods and overall he really knows his stuff, I had an excellent time. It was a new experience for me to have an advocate there on my behalf, I really felt empowered that I wasn't out there alone. We kept a great pace throughout the day and saw a lot of places, we also went over the types of furniture rentals and packages that you guys offer. All in all I'm really pleased and would definitely do it again if the need arises, even if it's on my own dollar."

- Aircraft Systems Manager, Seattle, WA

Departure Services include:

  • Assistance with lease termination, return of security deposit, negotiation issues
  • Coordination of the move-out inspection for support
  • Assistance with disconnection of utilities, telephone service, cable service
  • Assistance with organizing important records and documents; for example, school reports, medical records and legal documents

Departure Services

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