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Domestic Rental Support

The United States is a broad and diverse nation. When it comes time to make a domestic move, at first the new city might look similar, even familiar, but scratch the surface and the differences start to show. Standard lease terms, deposit requirements, resources for locating properties and average rents are just some of the variables that can surprise an assignee moving within the U.S.

An experienced CORT Destination Services Consultant can quickly get an assignee up to speed on the nuances of renting property in their new home town -- and then save time and eliminate headaches by zeroing in on the communities and the properties that best match the assignee's requirements. A single day with a CORT Consultant can save months, even years, of regret over choosing the wrong home.


"If our company ever needs relocation assistance in the Denver area, I highly recommend CORT and Kathleen. Their level of customer service prior to my arrival as well as during the tour was of the highest standard. In your industry, you must come across people that face several difficult decisions and options daily and working with a company like CORT made the process smooth, comfortable, friendly, professional and manageable."

- Food and Beverage Company Manager Denver, CO

Domestic Rental Support includes:

  • Ask about the family in detail, including interests and needs which should be met in the new location
  • Share a good deal of destination information both to inform and to elicit responses that help outline the assignment and unique needs
  • Map out educational requirements carefully if school-age children are involved in the move
  • Profile the type of residence preferred; the inevitable variety of choices can then be focused on to make the home search most effective
  • Set out in some detail an itinerary - arrival time, pickup time and place, mode of transport
  • Documents and forms necessary for the move will be discussed

Domestic Rental Support

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